Pharmacies - from small, locally owned businesses to large mail-order providers – offer numerous options in filling prescriptions. Each type of pharmacy offers unique benefits. You should select a pharmacy in the same way you select any other health care provider – carefully and thoughtfully. It is important to find the pharmacy that best suits your medical and personal needs, as well as your budget.

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Products and services offered may include:


• prescription services (ordering online, by mail, or by phone; home delivery;   
   consultations with pharmacists);
• compound drugs (doctor-ordered customized medications for persons with
   special medical needs);
• over-the-counter medications (cold, cough, allergy, asthma, sleep, stomach, flu,
   and pain-relief medicines);
• home medical supplies (diabetes care, bandages, blood-pressure monitors,
   braces and supports, hearing assistance devices, and incontinence products);
• household items (batteries, flashlights, cameras, film, hardware, light bulbs, and
   small appliances);
• beauty accessories (fragrances, makeup, manicure and pedicure products, salon
   hair care products, soap, deodorant, eye and ear products, foot care products, oral
   care products, tissues, and cotton swabs);
• diet and nutrition products (dietary supplements, vitamins, and health-and-fitness

Payment Options

Several payment options exist for pharmaceuticals depending on an individual’s situation. They include:
• private funds;
• insurance;
VA benefits;
Medicare Part D;

Most pharmacies will help individuals manage their prescriptions and health care benefits and process prescription insurance claims when they fill prescriptions. Before choosing a pharmacy, you may wish to ask your insurance company for a list of nearby pharmacies that accept your insurance. If you have Medicare Part D, Medicaid, insurance, or are receiving any assistance from a prescription drug program, contact the pharmacy you are interested in using and ask it to verify that it will accept payment.

Special Drug Assistance Programs

Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs)
  Pharmaceutical companies often sponsor Patient Assistance Programs that provide free or  
  discounted medicines to low- to moderate-income people, uninsured people, and under-
  insured people who meet certain guidelines. Eligibility and application requirements vary
  from program to program.

• State-Sponsored Programs

o Access WV (formerly WV Health Insurance Plan): Health Insurance for West Virginians who have pre-existing, severe or chronic medical conditions.

o Ryan White Part B Program: Care, support and drug assistance for people living with HIV/AIDS

o WVRx: Prescription drugs at no cost to people who are uninsured and between 18 and 65 years of age

Pharmacy Checklist

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_____ What are the pharmacy’s hours of operation?

_____ If the pharmacy is not open 24 hours, seven days a week, how does it handle evening
           and weekend emergencies?

Products and Services

_____ Does the pharmacy carry a large inventory of drugs?

_____ How long is the average wait time when a drug is not in stock?

_____ Does the pharmacy compound drugs?

_____ Does the pharmacy offer over-the-counter medicines for pain, colds and allergies?

_____ Will a pharmacist talk to me about the drugs I am taking?

_____ Will a pharmacist review all of the drugs I am taking to ensure they are safe to take at
           the same time?

_____ Will the pharmacy provide a written explanation about my prescription so I know the
           side effects, drug interactions, proper storage requirements and the amount of the
           drug to take?


_____ Is parking available nearby?

_____ Does the pharmacy have a drive-up window?

_____ Will the pharmacy deliver to my home?

_____ Does the pharmacy provide mail-order delivery?


_____ Is a pharmacist available to answer questions about the medications I am taking?


_____ How much will my prescriptions cost?

_____ Does the pharmacy accept my insurance?

_____ Does the pharmacy accept my Medicare Part D plan?

_____ Does the pharmacy accept payment from Medicaid?

_____ Will the pharmacy call my insurance company if there is a problem with a claim?

_____ If my medication is not covered by insurance, does the pharmacy offer payment-plan

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