Pharmacy and Medical Equipment

Many seniors depend heavily on medical equipment and medications each day. A good pharmacy is important. A good pharmacy is easy to access. It provides good customer service and checks your medications to ensure they can be taken together safely. This section also describes the services pharmacies provide and lists programs that help seniors pay for their medications. It also describes the products and services that medical equipment companies offer and suggests questions you may want to ask before making a purchase.

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Medical equipment and supply companies provide devices and other products that help keep seniors healthy, overcome disabilities, improve their quality of life and enhance the safety and security of their living quarters. Making the right decisions when selecting a medical equipment company also is important. They are in business to respond to your needs and help identify equipment (hospital beds, wheelchairs, canes) that properly fit you. Properly fitting canes and sturdy walkers can avoid unnecessary falls.

Seniors are well served when they can gather information about the services and products pharmacies and medical equipment and supply businesses will provide. Seniors are customers, and they should feel free to ask those businesses what they provide and how they are to be paid. Seniors also may want to ask their relatives, friends and health professionals for help in gathering information and making these important decisions. Details are important. Be sure you understand the details about convenience and access to services, including business hours and emergency arrangements, and the cost of services.

Patient Safety Alerts: An email notification system in which you can receive recall and safety alerts on either medication or medical devices. This alert system is easy to use and provides “real-time” notifications. If there is a warning or recall on the item you have selected to receives alerts about, an email will be directed your way. This is a great tool for managing your medicines or those of a loved one.