Hospitals provide treatment to patients through specialized staff and equipment. Many different types of hospitals exist in West Virginia. Most hospitals provide medical, surgical, nursing, and other care on an in-patient and outpatient basis. Some hospitals also provide extended nursing services.Several specialty hospitals exist in West Virginia. These hospitals typically focus on one particular service, such as eye care, long-term rehabilitation, or mental health services.

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Services may include:

• cardiac rehabilitation;
• dental and oral health;
• dialysis;
• emergency services;
• eye care and cataract;
• health services;
• laboratory and X-ray services;
• mental health;
• nursing;
• nutrition;
• occupational therapy;
• pain management;
• physical, occupational, and speech therapy;
• preventative health screenings;
• respiratory care;
• rehabilitation services;
• surgery.

Payment Options

Several payment options exist for hospital services depending on each individual’s situation or the type of care received:

• private funds;
• private health insurance;

Public Employees Insurance Agency;
Veterans Administration;
TRICARE, formerly known as the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS).

Hospital Checklist

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_____ Do you offer the services I need?

_____ Do you have experience in treating my condition?

_____ Have you had success in treating my condition?

_____ Do you see a high volume of patients with my condition?

_____ Who will be responsible for my overall care at the hospital?

_____ Does my doctor have privileges to admit and treat patients at the hospital?

_____ If not, who will oversee my care?

_____ Are there alternatives to hospital care?


_____ Will the hospital services be covered by my insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or other health care coverage?

_____ Do I need permission from my insurance company or health plan before I go to the hospital?

_____ Do I have to pay more to use a hospital that doesn’t participate in my insurance or health plan?

_____ If I do not have insurance, will the hospital allow me to set up a payment plan or direct me to other resources to help with payment?


_____ Are you accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) or another agency?

_____ May I see the results of your last inspection/survey?

_____ Are you rated highly by consumer groups?

_____ Do you perform customer-satisfaction surveys?

_____ May I see the results of the last survey?

_____ Are a majority of your physicians board certified in their specialty?

Patient Focus

_____ Does the hospital have patient advocates who can assist me?

_____ Does the hospital have convenient visiting hours?

_____ Can a relative or friend helping with my care stay overnight in the room with me?

_____ Are patient and family education programs offered?

_____ Is a chaplain on staff?

_____ Can I provide the hospital with a family contact or friend’s telephone number who can be contacted if my condition changes significantly?

Care after you leave the hospital

_____ Will I likely need care after I leave the hospital and, if so, what kind of care?

_____ What are my options for care?

_____ Do you have a discharge planner who will help me prepare to return home or to the community?

_____ Will you help me find other community services, such as Meals on Wheels or homemaker services, or help me find medical equipment I may need after I am discharged from the hospital?

_____ Do you make arrangements for any nursing care or medical equipment prior to my return home?

_____ Will you provide me with enough medication when I leave to last until my pharmacy opens?


_____ Ask your doctor or other medical provider about their experiences with the hospital.

_____ Ask your medical provider which hospital he or she believes would give the best care for your specific health condition.

_____ Would a specialty hospital, teaching hospital, community hospital or one that does research or has clinical trials related to my condition be a better choice?

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