Home Health Agencies

Home health agencies provide medical, rehabilitation and other care to persons in their place of residence on a part-time or occasional basis.

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Services offered include:

• professional nursing;

• home health aide services;

• therapeutic services;

• physical therapy;

• speech therapy;

• occupational therapy;

• nutritional services;

• medical social services.

Payment Options

Home health agencies have several payment options for their services. The best option depends on an individual’s situation or the type of care the individual has received. The options include:

• private funds;

• long-term care insurance;

Medicare coverage for part of the care;


Home Health Agency Checklist

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____ Do you offer the services that I need, such as physical therapy, nursing or occupational

____ Do you offer the personal services that I need, such as help with bathing, dressing and

____ Do you have staff available at night and on weekends for emergencies?

____ Will you provide me with a document that explains my responsibilities and your responsibilities?

____ Will you help me find other community services, such as home-delivered meals or homemaker
         services, or help me find medical equipment that I may need?

Care Plan

____ Is there a written care plan for each patient?

____ Will you include my family and me in designing this plan?


____ Do you conduct criminal background checks on staff members who will be coming into my

____ Will the same caregiver be sent to my home for each visit?

____ Are you bonded or insured in case of theft or injury?

____ Do you assign supervisors to oversee the quality of care, and how often do they make visits?

____ How do you document that your services were completed?

____ Do you pay federal and state taxes on your in-home caregivers’ wages so I will not be liable for
         any taxes?


____ Are you Medicare certified?

____ How much money will I pay out of my pocket?

____ Will I receive a document that explains the method of payment and when I have to pay?

____ Do you offer payment options for home care?


____ Does any outside organization inspect your agency?

____ May I see the results of the last inspection?

____ Do you perform customer-satisfaction surveys?

____ May I see the results of the last survey?


____ How long have you provided services in the community?

____ Who owns the agency?

____ Will you provide me with a list of references from doctors, patients and their families who are
         familiar with the quality of your services?


____ Whom should I call with questions or complaints?

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