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Finding the level of care that meets your needs is very important. You need to consider your current health care needs and what your future health care needs may be. Some senior living options do not provide any health care services, but they do offer a safe and secure environment in which to live. Other options provide 24-hour nursing care or acute care. Choosing the right level of care is important. Involve your doctor, family and friends in the decision-making process.

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This section of the website describes housing options and health care services that are available to seniors in West Virginia.

Assisted Living Communities

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

End Stage Renal Dialysis

Hospice in Facilties


Independent Living Communities

Nursing Homes

Residential Care Communities

Each section describes a living environment and/or a health care facility. The primary difference between these options is the level of nursing care and support provided. Before you decide where to move or which facility to use, take a tour, observe staff interaction with residents and patients and ask friends and neighbors about their experiences.